snow lace

Snow Lace

TSI-DL-SLM403-OSG  * 37cm (W) x 5.6cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM401-OSG  * 37cm (W) x 5.2cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM400-OSG  * 37cm (W) x 8.2cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM403-GLL  * 37cm (W) x 5.6cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM401-GLL  *  37cm (W) x 5.2cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM400-GLL  *  37cm (W) x 8.2cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM403-BGB  *  37cm (W) x 5.6cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM401-BGB  *  37cm (W) x 5.2cm (H) 
TSI-DL-SLM400-BGB  * 37cm (W) x 8.2cm (H) 


Ingrediens: Corn Starch, Glucose Powder, Gum Tragacanth (E413), Xantham Gum (E415),
                      Sugar, Icing, Icing Sugar, Titanium Dioxide (E171), Sodium Alginate (E401), Vanilla Powder.

1. Snow Lace 100gm mix with hot water (80' C) 100gm.
2. Spread the mixture at the lace mould, baked with 110' C for 9 minutes.
3. Rest up for 30 minutes after bake.
4. Take out the lace slow with care.

Net Weight: 300 GM/ 110 GM

Colour Series: Red/ Orange/ Yellow/ Green/ Blue/ Purple/ Black/ White